Saudi Green Card system for expatriate

A recent story had been broken on the new Saudi Green Card system. However there were no actual details that had been provided to anybody. Something which was very clear though was that there were millions of expatriates living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who would be very happy at this announcement. The proposed Saudi Green Card system would allow the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to generate a whopping 10 billion USD annually. A recent report by a local news publication in the Kingdom had reported that the chairman of the Federation of Labor Committees in the Kingdom, Nidal Ridwan had stated that he expects that an autonomous body will be formed in order to implement the new system of the Saudi Green Cards. Saudi Green card is expected to be launched by 2021 (within next 5 years) as per the statement made by the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud.

According to Al Hayat newspaper, The Green Card system will cost SR 14,200 to all expatriates.Once the card has been issued; it would then be integrated with Jwazat and the labour office.Currently the foreigners are only allowed to come in the kingdom via a sponsorship or throw Sagia.This new system would allow the expatriates to become their own sponsors. The system of the follow which is currently in place in the kingdom seems to not be working as it should.Under  this kafala system,migrant of expatriate worker stated is bound to one sponsor or individual for whatever time is stated in the contract.

Here are the benefits of the new Saudi Green Card system to Expatriates :

According to the opinion of different immigration experts, the expatriates will enjoy the following benefits;

1.If the resident expatriates pay that GOSI, they will receive a pension upon their retirement.

2.Expatriates would now be able to apply for any loans which had been limited to only National in the past.

3.They would be allowed to buy property in Saudi Arabia.

4.The kafala system will come to an end and expatriates would now become their own sponsors.

5. The worker would get permanent residency in Saudi Arabia he will not have to worry about the expiry of his IQAMA. The green card will only be given to foreign investors and is scientifically skilled expatriates among experts according to Shura Council official.Described in Arab News.

6.All expatriates can engage in any and all business in the kingdom without having a local or Saudi partner.

7.The worker will get to enjoy free medical treatment just like local or Saudi nationals. 

  1. The things you are not allowed even with the Saudi Green Card
  2. There are several benefits and advantages of the new system but there are still some things which you will not be allowed to do;1. Green card holder expatriates would not be able to vote in elections.

2. They were not be able to hold any public office in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
3. They will not be able to remain outside of the ke Aise for a long period of time.
4. They will not be allowed to enlist in the Saudi in Armed force.

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