How to get marry with a Saudi girl

Procedure of getting marry to a Saudi girl.

The first step in Imarah office.

Imarah office is a branch of Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia.Father of Saudi girl will go to IMARAH office and submit an application that her daughter wants to marry to a non-Saudi person.He have to mention a reason for this marriage.

Family relation is the most appropriate reason if its exist between bride and groom.

After submit application in imarah office it will take 2 or 3 weeks maximum.

Requirements which needs in imara office.

1. Age of Saudi women must be 30 years or above.

2. Age limit could be changed if woman is physically handicap, but in this case need approval from the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia.

3. Age difference between groom and bride shouldn’t more than 10 years.

4. National identity card of Saudi girl.

5. National identity card of Saudi girl,s father.

6. Passport size photos of both bride and groom.

7 Copy of passport of groom.

8. Iqama copy of groom.

Clearance from police.

The expatriate also need to take clearance from the police department that he don’t have any criminal record.If he is defaulter of any bank or company, it will not considered as a crime.But if he had committed fraud or tampering in documents, it will consider a criminal activity according to Saudi law.

A letter from Kafeel.

Groom need a letter from his sponsor which must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce. 4 thing must be mentioned in this letter.

1. Name of expatriate

2. profession

3. Salary

4.Joining date

Special courts of marriages.

When your request approved by Ministry of Interior you can visit special Courts of marriages on selected date.

Persons who have to appear physically in special courts.



3.Bride’s father

4. 2 witnesses


Everybody will present before Qazi and the groom will give Mahar to bride.If he had already given it, then bride must be accept it before Qazi that she had already taken her right of Mahar.

Punishment if not getting permission of marriage by Saudi government.

Marriage in Saudi Arabia without government permission is illegal and crime: and one who committed this will be punished.

1. Action against the Saudi national

2. Government may catch you from your house for living with a girl who is religiously your wife but not officially

3. Expatriate will be D- port from the country

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